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Our consultancy services focus on generating economic, social, and environmental benefits

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Expert consulting services and project development focusing on sustainable development as well as renewable energies.


Design and manufacturing of products and parts for a wide range of industries.

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Specialized engineering courses.

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3iDS is an engineering firm that wants to make a positive difference and head towards a more sustainable model of development.

Our staff understands the importance of reducing our environmental impact and focuses wholeheartedly on this.

The majority of our studies and projects have implemented renewable energy systems, increased energy efficiency and energy savings, as well as used eco-friendly materials.

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well aware of the need for a new development model 
We advocate the use of inexhaustible energy sources, guaranteeing self-sufficiency and reducing negative impacts on the environment 
We look for creative solutions that make every project a unique and satisfying experience 
Having a wide network of partners to provide comprehensive and quality service 
Our innovative R&D principles guarantee that each and every project is economically and environmentally sustainable  


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